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ACMHacks is a weekend-long event where hundreds of students from around the Bay Area and beyond come together to work on cool software and/or hardware projects. As one of the largest undergraduate hackathons in the Bay Area, we typically bring in over 100 students to UCSC's campus every year. This year, ACMHacks is fully in-person on UCSC's campus in November from the evening of 9th to the afternoon of the 11th ! Students will be building, learning, and creating technology projects from scratch. Websites and mobile apps are common types of hacks, but you can build anything! Think outside the box : )
This year we are are partnering with GraceHacks for a collaborative hackathon. To register, sign up here: ACMHacksxGraceHacks Sign Up


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What is a hackathon?

Hackathons are social coding events where people get together to work on a project in a short period of time. They’re great for meeting new people, showing off your skills, and creating innovative solutions.

Who can participate?

All students studying at a high school, college/university, and other alternative schools (such as bootcamps) can apply! We will be hosting workshops during the event as well as have mentors to help you through any technical difficulties. No coding or technical experience is necessary!

Why should I participate?

Hackathons are a great opportunity to collaborate with minded peers to come up with new solutions to modern issues. By participating, you will be able to challenge yourself, network, and showcase your skills to industry experts. And of course, you can win prizes!

How much does this cost?

Nothing! Thanks to our generous sponsors, ACMHacks is free for our student attendees, mentors, judges, and volunteers! We plan to provide all meals and snacks. Note: ACMHacks is unable to cover travel costs

Do I need previous experience?

Nope! No experience is required. At ACMHacks, we focus on guiding newcomers to tech as well as providing support and community to experienced creators. We encourage everyone to sign up, especially beginners.

What should I bring?

Some essential things to bring include a laptop (with charger) and a water bottle.

Do I need a team to apply? Is there a limit to the size of each team?

It is not necessary to have a team at the time of application nor at the actual event! If you choose to build a team, there can be a maximum of 4 people.

How do I sign up?

You can fill out our registration form here

What happens after I fill out the registration form?

Your spot will be reserved and we will release information about project tracks, judging, and other logistics closer to the event date.


Past Winners


Foodifier allows the discord server members aka other UCSC students to add their own reviews/ratings on the different food items, as well as read the previous responses. It also allows people to view today's menu for a specified meal at any residential college.


SlugEvents is a website that connects UCSC students by providing a platform to showcase all the events happening around campus. Students that find events that they are interested in can follow the provided links in order to find out more information about those particular events.


Assistance is an application to use and carry out conversations with multiple large language models simultaneously. It supports Bing Chat, Google Bard, ChatGPT3.5, and ChatGPT4.0. Assistance provides a way to get the most useful and accurate results from models that have been training on different datasets and for somewhat different tasks.

JBS RideShare

JBS RideShare's web application allows students to share upcoming car trips publicly. Students would be able to see the trip details along with the shortest possible route starting from the meeting point to the destination, passing through every stop.


MindMatch simulates a representative of a certain bias and answers your questions to understand the minds of that particular representative.


SlugsNetwork essentially pairs a student with other fellow students from their class. For example, if a student is in CSE 13S, then the app is going to place that student with another CE 13S student, and ideally one that has similar likes and tastes.

CELLEC Text Editor

The CELLEC team made text editor website where we gathered the special characters and created shortcuts for users to type those characters. Users can also modified the characters list to suit their needs.

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